A Night Routine For Success Tomorrow

I wish I could say that my night routine came as easily and with as much inspiration as my morning routine. But it hasn't. It has been the last 2-ish years that I have really felt the need to get in to a better evening routine. When Oliver was born I was in a fog. … Continue reading A Night Routine For Success Tomorrow

A Morning Routine For Success Today

When my teens were little kids I was an Army wife. I lived far away from my family in Oklahoma. My then husband deployed to Iraq just after my oldest turned three and my youngest was six months. After three months of training and not getting to see each other he left on a plane and … Continue reading A Morning Routine For Success Today

10 Things About Me

Welp, we survived 2020 and it's a new year! I thought I would take a minute and introduce myself in case you are new around The Strawberry Nest... And if you aren't new, maybe you can learn something new about me. I live in Utah with my husband, Scott and our 4 kids (Courtney, Alex, … Continue reading 10 Things About Me

Closet Makeover: Bathroom Edition

This post almost didn't happen. I kept putting it off. And then. I got sick. But not really sick. But I had a virus. Not Corona. Shingles. Let me tell you something. Shingles is no joke. I would rather give birth 100 times over without pain medication. Some of these are affiliate links. That means … Continue reading Closet Makeover: Bathroom Edition

Sweetie La Pie: Chocolate Chip & Coconut

For my pie inspiration I have been perusing Pinterest. Because, where else do you go when you need inspiration???? I saw this Chocolate Chip Coconut Pie on there and knew it would be tasty. I decided it would make an amazing Christmas dessert. I made a Yule log last year and it was so good, … Continue reading Sweetie La Pie: Chocolate Chip & Coconut

Planning Essentials For A New Year

Toward the end of last year I saw the funniest meme... But it was totally true! I however used my planner last year more than ever! And not to keep track of my kids school work. They have their own planners. But I have usually started the year of fairly strong, and then tapered off … Continue reading Planning Essentials For A New Year

Buffalo Plaid Wall Design

I saw that my friend Carly made a buffalo plaid wall I instantly wanted to put one up in my house. I happened to be hosting a little holiday party a few days later and knew that it would be the perfect backdrop! Carly used darling reds and pinks for her wall, but I didn't … Continue reading Buffalo Plaid Wall Design

Making Birthdays Special

Last year I had this whole plan on making holidays special. It was going to be amazing. And then... COVID. No one was going to the store. Everyone was quarantined. So, this amazing compilation is coming back this year. January's holiday hits the first day of the month and I did a blog post LAST … Continue reading Making Birthdays Special

New Year, New Goals

Now that the New Year is upon us a lot of us are thinking about goals. Something about starting a new year, a new month, a new week, and even a new day gives us the motivation to be better at something.  Have you ever wanted to change something but had no idea where to … Continue reading New Year, New Goals

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Tomorrow Alex will be home from visiting his dad. And he will be 15 when I hug him. You guys, there is something about a mom and her son that chokes me up each time. Alex has been my constant. He was born and was so good. He has always been so caring. His love … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Alex!