Buffalo Plaid Wall Design

I saw that my friend Carly made a buffalo plaid wall I instantly wanted to put one up in my house. I happened to be hosting a little holiday party a few days later and knew that it would be the perfect backdrop!

Carly used darling reds and pinks for her wall, but I didn’t want to copy her to a T so I mixed it up with dark green, light green and white. It was so simple and I can’t believe how easy it was.

My first stop was the local craft store that sells scrapbooking supplies. For me that is Joann’s (it’s the closest to my house). I sat in front of the green scrapbook paper for what felt like forever hoping to have some good inspiration. And then I saw the light green and knew it was the perfect green for the job. I found the dark green and figured out how many of each I would need. For the lighter color you will need the most pieces of paper. I was able to buy a pack of white paper for less than it would have cost to buy it individually.

I used 12×12 pieces of paper.. It made it so easy to figure out how many I would need for the space I was putting it on.

Heres the time-lapse of the creation of the wall! It was a ton of fun. If you make one post it on social media and tag me!

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