Event Planning: A Live Event

A few weeks ago Chelsey of Chelsey Curtis was hired by Jordan Page to plan her live event. As Chelsey and I have worked together on the Page Summer Soiree it made sense for both of us to work on this live event together as well.

As far as events go, this one was so easy to put together. We had Events by Janelle set up the most gigantic balloon arch I have ever seen. It was PERFECTION. It was right at the doors to enter the auditorium so that all of the attendees had a great place to take a photo. We even used the red carpet!

For the VIPs Bubba & Jordan had a smaller photo op space and met each one of them and took photos individually. They even did a small Q&A session with them. There was a swag bag for each VIP (Chelsey and I were up until 1am the night before putting it all together!). And the CUTEST cookies ever by My Two Cookies. Oh my gosh. I can’t even believe it.

For two hours Jordan and Bubba answered questions from those local in the audience and those not local who submitted questions. There were games and competitions for fun giveaways from Minky, Persnickety Prints, Purple, Learning Dynamics, and Mory June.

Like I said above, working with Chelsey has been a dream. We tackle each of these events and are always on the same page! I don’t know if I would have had these amazing opportunities without taking the Party Planner Academy.

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