Meal Planning Guide

It's the beginning of the month. (I mean, we are only 4 days in). I feel like January is sooooo long, then February speeds by. And now it is March. The month the world shut down last year. I think we all have had enough and want to go back to "normal" life. Let's talk … Continue reading Meal Planning Guide

Making St. Patrick’s Day Special

I won't lie. This is probably one of my favorite holidays. Want to know why? With a tiny bit of prep you can make it super special! Like it is the easiest holiday out there! Unless you count Pi day (also easy). Each year for the last 5 years I have made rainbow jello which … Continue reading Making St. Patrick’s Day Special

Latest Loves

When I thought of this, I didn't want to be overwhelming in what I put... But if it is overwhelming, sorry. You know how sometimes you go down the Instagram or Facebook (or even blog) rabbit hole and you find all the things that you never know you needed... I'm guilty too! I've rounded those … Continue reading Latest Loves

Q & A with Sarah

Have you always been organized and self motivated? Short answer. YES. I have always loved planners and calendars. I have always thrived in a routine. I am a go getter, decision maker and enjoy working on things. I like having projects. I love to see progress on things. How do you bring out the creative … Continue reading Q & A with Sarah

The Art of Journaling

When I was in high school I would journal fairly regularly. Once Courtney was born I wasn't doing it as often. And with each kid I have done less and less. At one point I was scrapbooking VERY regularly, and I still try to. But that is me just telling the story of things we … Continue reading The Art of Journaling

Sweetie La Pie: Cherry Pie

Ok. Ok. Ok. Don't hate on me for this. But, I used canned pie filling for todays pie. My reason is sound. My goal was to do the cutest pie crust on top. I didn't have the desire to do both a handmade filling and a cute top. Enter in premade pie filling. I used … Continue reading Sweetie La Pie: Cherry Pie

It’s A L.O.V.E. Story {Our Story Part 8}

By now, you should all know about my husband Scott. He's actually the world's greatest. I was just about to link you to the posts about our story... And I realized a couple of things. 1. I skip #3. How? Not that the story is out of order, I just didn't title them correctly. 2. … Continue reading It’s A L.O.V.E. Story {Our Story Part 8}

At Home Valentines Date

I am well aware that for the last year we have been doing more at-home dates than ever. However, I feel like making an effort to make Valentine's special will be good for all of us! Here are a few ideas: Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if … Continue reading At Home Valentines Date

Decorating With PINK

It is no secret that my love for pink runs DEEP. I am often quoted for saying "pink is a neutral" and my friend Becky over at Benrik Leather knows it too... She even named a pink pair of earrings after me! Valentine's is my favorite to decorate for because I can do all the … Continue reading Decorating With PINK

Making Valentines Special

Ahhhh. Love. It's that time of year again when we celebrate the best feeling in the world. Valentine's Day is such a sweet day, an excuse for a date and to dress up. How can we make this Valentine's Special this year? FUN DINNER Last year I got the most fun dinner from my friend … Continue reading Making Valentines Special